Our 2021 Team

Meet our team for 2021!

Chloe Richardson

Journal Editor

Chloe is currently in her second year of studying History and Politics of the Americas at UCL. She joined Amnesty International Society as a member last year, and now works on the Committee as Journal Editor. In this position, she hopes that The Journal can become a place for writers to try their hand at journalism and where UCL students can learn more about the human rights issues that shape their world.

Caroline Gretton

Staff Writer – Gender

Caroline is currently studying a MA in Human Rights at UCL, having completed her BA in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Birmingham. She has worked for multiple Kenyan-based organisations, including the Kenyan Human Rights Commission, and has promoted and ran events for International Women’s Day for a London-based FTSE 100 company. Caroline has a specific interest in poverty and women’s rights.

Viviana Biasco

Staff Writer – Breaking News and Global Politics

My name is Viviana, and I am a first-year student at UCL studying Politics and International Relations. Throughout my short time at UCL- as well as prior to it- I have developed a strong passion for advocating toward human rights. Taking on an internship in South Africa to advocate for human rights there and being a member of a charity named “Peace Direct” to help put an end to political violence has allowed me to gain an outlook on the severity of human rights abuses around the world- which has further enticed my passion to put an end to this issue. By working with The Amnesty Journal, I hope to further equip myself with the knowledge of human rights in order to help myself in reaching my aspiration of working in the field of Human Rights Law. 

Kofo Babalola

Staff Writer – Environment

My name is Kofo Babalola and I am a second year Mechanical Engineering student who likes to write. As the ‘Environment’ staff writer, I am going to be keeping you all up to date with the latest events that are happening in this sector as well as providing advice on how we can go about protecting our environment.

Sophie Smars

Staff Writer – Culture

Sophie (she/her) is a second-year BA Comparative Literature with German student. Raised in Shanghai, China she enjoys sipping coffee on long walks in the city, travelling, reading, and hugs. She is also obsessed with sloths.
Her areas of particular interest relating to Human Rights, include children’s rights and access to education, fighting gender-based discrimination and violence, and genocide studies.

Peter Kerenyi

Staff Writer – Environment

I am a second-year student of Politics, Sociology and East European Studies. During my high-school years, I was mostly involved in activism and volunteer work, through which I was able to gain first-hand knowledge of contemporary social issues, like racism, homelessness or homophobia. These experiences shaped my identity and interests and steered me towards the social sciences. Now my goal is to understand the social world more deeply and examine its underlying structures from a more analytical point of view.

Julia Antone

Staff Writer – Human Interest

My name is Julia and I am a second year student in Politics and Sociology at SSEES. 

I have a deep interest in human rights and political advocacy and joining the Amnesty Journal is for me the perfect opportunity to combine these passions. I hope to use my voice to bring awareness to pressing issues and build the world of tomorrow.

Beth Pritchett

Staff Writer – Global Politics and Breaking News

I am a Politics, Violence and Crime postgraduate student in the UCL Anthropology department. I have previously studied Anthropology at Durham University, and spent some time teaching English in Qingyuan, China. I am so excited to write for the journal, covering issues of Global Politics and Breaking News. I am particularly interested in areas of global health inequality, gender, and discrimination.

Romane Lenoir

Staff Writer – Environment

My name is Romane and I’m from Belgium! I am a second year BSc Psychology and Education undergraduate at UCL. I have previously volunteered for human-rights related organisations and I have been a member of the Amnesty society for the past year! I have enjoyed going to events and learning about many different and important topics.I am excited to be getting involved with the Amnesty Society, as I will be writing for the Environment section of the Journal! This is something I am passionate about and I look forward to spreading awareness about this key and global issue.
I hope you enjoy it!’

Beth Cosgrove

Staff Writer – Gender

Beth (22) is a Chemistry and German student at UCL. She is currently in Berlin carrying out a research project at Humboldt University for the final year of her Integrated Master’s. Her childhood was split between the UK and Moscow, where her dad’s human rights work exposed her to certain injustices in Russia and to the importance of fighting for human rights everywhere. 

Lou Khalfaoui

Staff Writer – Breaking News and Global Politics

Lou Khalfaoui is a graduate student on the International Public Policy master’s, with interests in critical theory, multiculturalism and environmental policy. Lou holds a BA in Human, Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on institutional discrimination and state management of colonial memory. Lou also has a keen interest in international relations, with a constructivist sensibility, and international climate justice. Lou speaks English, French and Spanish.

Francesca Gavins

Staff Writer – Health

I am Francesca and I am a PhD student at the School of Pharmacy researching food-drug interactions. I am interested in health inequalities and access to medicines and I am writing for the Health section of the UCL  Amnesty Journal. In my free-time I enjoying cooking and avidly listening to numerous podcasts.

Léa Brette

Staff Writer – Breaking News and Global Politics

Léa is a French student at UCL, currently in her second year of studying European and International Social and Political Studies. She joined the Amnesty International committee this year as the General Secretary of the society, and now writes for the Amnesty Journal. This new role allows her to combine her two passions: writing and politics!

Natasha Dixon

Staff Writer – Culture

Hi, I’m Natasha, an MSc student of International Relations of the Americas!

My personal interest in human rights includes the racialised system of mass incarceration in the US and miscarriages of justice more widely. As your ‘culture’ writer I will be updating you on the many ways in which we consume news regarding human rights abuses – through film, literature and the media – and how these mediums both reinforce and contest popular understandings. I will also be sharing a weekly roundup of films, articles, online exhibitions and podcasts (my personal favourite!) to help keep you up to date with the wider human rights discourse and to keep you company on your lockdown walks!

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