Editor’s Letter, Publication year 2016-2017

Dear curious clickers,

My name is Augusta and I am The Amnesty’s Editor In Chief for the Publication year 2016-2017.

Growing up, I’ve always been one to ask questions and to push the boundaries of accommodating responses to global issues. Scholastically, it led me to receive ‘the most opinionated student’ award, courtesy of my Year 11 Science teacher, and socially, it’s what usually leads “casual” debates with my friends to become incredibly heated and intense. Yes, sometimes expressing strong opinions can be difficult, but more often than not these opinions tend to engage others and expose them to differing points of views.

It is this kind of live-wire debate, that I hope will become an integral part of The Amnesty.

Relaunching an established publication is never an easy. When I made the decision to give the journal a new face, I knew it I’d have my work cut out for me, especially when people have become accustomed to a certain style of journalism! But, never one to back down from a challenge, my team and I have worked incredibly hard over the last couple of months to ensure that our new face and style of reporting, reflects the many modes by which we receive our news in this modern and digital age.

The world has changed beyond recognition over the last 12 months and journalism has changed with it. Whether its video diaries or tweets: it’s important that stories remain current and up to date… hopefully The Amnesty can be part of that.

We’re not looking to change the world or to radically alter social conventions, we hope that by writing engaging and well developed pieces, we can placate some of the anxiety surrounding the volatility in world events, one story at a time.

If you guys have any questions you would like me to answer directly, please email me at augusta.senenssie.16@ucl.ac.uk

I hope you enjoy reading this year’s publication of The Amnesty.


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Augusta  x