Welcome to The Amnesty

Hello and welcome to The Amnesty, an unrelenting student press response to global events.

2016 was an odd one, wasn’t it? From shocking political outcomes to a surge in polarised and divisive politics: it was a year like no other, and if we follow the speculations of pundits, the world is set to get more divisive, election outcomes more unexpected and Twitter politics is set to become the norm. But how do we sense of it all? Well, that’s what The Amnesty attempts to do. As a student publication, we recognise the importance of reporting on stories in a way that is easy for readers to understand and are opinionated, clear and presented from a contemporary perspective.

We do not practise censorship: if anything, it is fundamentally against everything we stand for! We want our submissions to be challenging, forward thinking and that is often demonstrative by the strength of our amazing team of contributors, division heads and freelance photographers. The clue is in the name: The Amnesty is the journalistic division of UCLU’s Amnesty International society- but that’s where the similarity ends.

At TAmn, we focus on stories beyond those reported in far, unknown lands, because whilst these are still important, there are subtle injustices that occur in every social sphere, injustices that must be tackled, challenged and brought under scrutiny.

In an age where controversial views are supressed and extreme opinions exist only on the margins, The Amnesty seeks not to explore such views, but to look at the motivations driving these extremities. It has been this inability to challenge and examines these opinions, that has contributor to the volatility of world politics we face today.

The Amnesty really is a global publication and we accept submissions from contributors worldwide. We have remote contributors as well as local students, our unique reporting styles means that it’s never been so easy to get your work out there!

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