Haverstock Series: Omar Hameed: Mediator

Haverstock Journalism Club

Haverstock is a co-educational school in Camden Town, North London. Producing political heavyweights including the likes of Ed Miliband, it is not a school that should be cantankerously dismissed. Students are engaged, well informed and mean business. This is the latest in a series of contributions from their students.

An imaginary student flat share: Dirty socks on the couch: plates piled in the kitchen sink: an over flowing bin with four weeks of rubbish, and a very angry landlord threatening to make them leave if they don’t clear up! These are just some of the things that cause arguments between fellow students. Worry not! All will be well for our fantasy students.

Omar Hameed got fed up with student arguments and founded the UCL Student-Led Mediation Service.

We asked: What do you like about the mediation process?

Omar: Mediation gives people time to reflect and it saves time.

The principles of Mediation are to really listen to each party and to bring the two opposing sides together. We think you must have to have endless patience to do this work and bring about compromise. Omar did office mediation and in commerce that would be especially useful because constant arguing would interfere with the companies work and it could lead to loss of business. He has also mediated harassment disputes because continual pestering can become very personal, hurtful and it stops the courts being filled with needless court cases.

We had one burning question with Brexit looming:

Q: If you were a mediator how would you handle the Brexit parties?

Omar: Ah the impossible question! Personally I think the biggest obstacle at present is the internal divisions in Parliament and that until there is a majority opinion/compromise reached then there is no one for the EU to mediate with. Thirty years ago, a mediator called William Zartmen invented the Mutually Hurting Stalemate which leads to the Ripe Moment theory.

We decided to put this theory into practice for our imaginary students.

The Situation.

No one wants to move. No one wants to clean up. The Ripe Moment happens when the Landlords letter arrives.

Our imaginary mediator listened to the students and found out that one student had been attempting to do all the chores. She had decided to stop recently as she thought it was unfair and too big of a job to handle because of her imminent exams.

Thank you, Omar for a fascinating interview.


By Yousuf Year 10, Daniel Year 8, Ali Year 8, Hussein Year 9

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