Farewell for now: we’ll be back June 1st!!

Starting a new website, with brand new content and themes is 10000% as scary as it sounds, BUT WE’RE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE that in the 10 weeks that The Amnesty’s been live, we’ve amassed over 10,000 views.

Testament alone to the brilliant work and quality of our writers!! It’s been a whirlwind affair, full of its own challenges and set backs, but without the dedication, tenacity and hard work of our Editorial Team, our hopes for The Amnesty’s growth and process would have only remained a dream.

Thank you for you’re increased engagement, continuous support and loyal readership, you have made our job increasingly more rewarding and terribly exciting. Thank you to the thousands of you who follow our MANY social media platforms and who have become part of the conversation and really engaged with the material and ideas presented in our pieces! We wouldn’t have been able to meet our vision without you all!

Thank you all for making these first 10 weeks of our new publication so worthwhile, and we look forward to inundating you with great stories and brilliant ideas, when The Amnesty resumes publication, on June 1st!

For now, thank you all for everything and we hope you’ve enjoyed our articles!


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