Meet the Team behind the Haverstock Series

One of the amazing things about the Haverstock Journalism team is just how incredibly impressive they are and just how diverse their interests and experiences are. This is definitely one of the things, that made their article so incredibly interesting to read!

So, as  promised, they’re here! Here are the stories of the authors behind the Haverstock series: we hope you find them as fascinating as we do.

Authors behind the Alketa Xahafa Mripa article


The musical, dancer-journalist extraordinaire!

Rick Van Louesthon.jpg
Disneyland Paris! (Photo credit: Rick Van Lieshout)

Hana Molokhia, Year 8- Aged 12

My name is Hana. I love writing, music (I have passed my Grade 5 piano) swimming and dancing in fact I recently competed at the IFDPA Dance Championships at Disneyland Paris. I have a brother and two little sisters, who want to be like me when they are older. My first Journalism Project assignment was with Professor Kevin Buzzard who is a Pure Maths Professor at Imperial College. It was great fun.


The Brilliant future medic with a scientific mind!

The London Tube Map (Photo credit: Practical Action)

Anisah Rahman, Year 8, aged 13 years old.

I have two younger brothers and I attend Haverstock School. My favourite subject is science as I aspire to be a doctor in the future. My very first Journalism Project interview was with Rob Heasley, computer game designer; he designs games like the Kung Fu Panda game. It was an incredible experience but unfortunately as a result of this I learnt I cannot read Tube maps. I was very excited and this resulted in my chaperone and I getting lost!



Writer of the David Goodhart Letter

The passionate writer with a love of cats

Pepe from North London Cats Protection (Photo Credit: NLCP official YouTube account)

Sabrina Hasabella, Year 8- Aged 13 years old

My first assignment was at the Bread Factory in Hendon.  We were led round to all the different departments by the Master Baker Ludwig and he was like the conductor of a surreal baking orchestra. I love animals and I want a kitten so when we went to the North London Cat Rescue, it was very hard to leave. I play the violin and I love football. On the hottest day of last year I toured round Arsenal Football Club with 86 year old Frank who has been a member since he was 9. I felt outraged by the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institute title to their yearly debate ‘Help Refugees but at a Distance.’

Stephen Goodhart never answered the letter we sent objecting to this.



Authors of Disability Rights – A Revolution?


The reluctant revolutionary

outreach 1
The UCL team’s first attempt at winning some supporters


Angel White, Year 8- Aged 12 years old

I first came to Journalism Project to write an article on a Fashion Designer – it hasn’t happened yet but I expect it will. I have helped write the Paddington Article that is going into The Hill in March. When the students from UCL came to do a workshop on human rights I wasn’t keen but this is a subject that really affects people and now I am very interested because of the Government cuts.


The Aspiring fashion designer with a passion for doing what’s right and custard cream!

Dunking Custard Creams! (photo credit: Rico Rodriguez)

Malise Gordan, Age -Year 8

I have a little sister who loves biscuits so I always bring her home some biscuits from Journalism Tea; our favourite biscuits are Custard Creams. I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up I and I am thinking of saving up for a bike so I can get out more. I feel very strongly that the Government cuts to people who cannot cope very well should stop because they are making it harder for people to live.

The stories of all our contributors are is incredibly brilliant and inspiring, THANK YOU FOR YOU CONTRIBUTIONS!



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